We are a group of specialized dentist in various field of dentistry offering international quality dental care and specialty treatment. Right from the days of its establishment, it has strived and succeeded in providing quality dental care. With a unique multi-disciplinary approach, the customers have access to a renowned aesthetic dentist, a prosthodontist, a periodontist, an implantologist, an endodontist, an orthodontist and an oral and maxillo facial surgeon - All under one roof!

We have a state of art facility including b- class autoclave, RVG, latest X-RAY machine, laser, dental cautary , latest implant equipments for better planning and treatment options.

We specialized in all ceramic braces, invisalign aligners ( invisible braces), zoom bleaching, fillers, botox and immediate loading implants, all ceramic veneers crowns and bridges.

We do time bound treatment for NRI patients
  • Appointments via E-mail.
  • Virtual Treatment Planning. ( Send your Problems, X –Rays, other medical /Dental Details and we will plan & schedule for fast , accurate and comfortable treatment.
  • Fast treatment by long Appointment and dedicated team of Doctors, Laboratory technicians and Staff.
  • Oral Hygiene Kit Concept.
  • Guidance when you are not in India ( Via e-mail and Website).
Invisalign : they are invisible aligners which are clear alternative to metal and ceramic and ceramnic braces for adults , kids and teen to straighten their teeth
Crown and bridge: all ceramic crown and bridge using lastest CAD/CAM technology are done to restore lost tooth, support grossly decayed or fracture tooth.
Extractions and impactions: removal of bone crown and root part of tooth due to fracture , decay or periodontal disease and wisdom teeth
Teeth whitening: laser tooth whitening is a very effective way for lightening natural colour of the teeth upto three to four shades without removing any of tooth surface.
Veneers: they are thin porcelain/ composite shells that are bonded to existing teeth to correct stains, discouration, broken, chip or mis-shapen teeth.
Root canal therapy: it is a dental procedure used to treat infection of the tooth when the nerve becomes infected due to decay, trauma or gum disease.
Dental implants: they are popular, effective and excellent long term option for restoring your smile and lost tooth by placing steady titanium anchor in the jaw.
Orthodontics: crooked teeth and teeth that do not fit correctly can be straighten and positioned correctly by using braces both metallic and ceramic.
Periodontal therapy/ flap surgery: periodontal disease also known as gum disease, is an infection of tissues which surrounding and supporting the teeth, which is caused due to accumulation of plaque and tartar around the tooth. Negligence can offen lead to tooth loss and heart disease and increase the risk of stroke.
Basal implants: from no teeth to fixed teeth in 3 days (72 hours). It is a minimally invasive procedure where implants are placed without raising flap, without sinus lift, without bone graft and without nerve repositioning.
Immediate loading implants is a safe and reliable method for management of complicated cases with no bone present, atrophic mandible or maxilla, trauma patients and cancer patients where normal implants are not a possibility

The best part is the patient can have teeth within 3 days or 72 hours of placement of implants.

The biggest advantage of this implant is chances of patient having infection or failure of implant is minimal making them more safer than conventional implant.